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It's been a while.

Bedroom Update
I have been away from my blog for a very long time and I thought it was about time you saw what I've been up to.
I have finished decorating my Regency gentleman's bedroom and I am now really pleased with the look of it. I say now, because I first painted the whole room blue and I didn't like the colour, so I tried a different colour blue and still didn't like the look. I then painted the lower half of the dado rail a rich green colour and hated it. I finally settled on the cream colour below the dado rail when I found the wallpaper on etsy from PoppetsDollyBits which is a lovely design. It arrives on A4 size heavyweight paper and it matches up perfectly and goes on like a dream. No creases or bubbles like some dolls house wallpapers can be.
I'm not sure if the wallpaper is reminiscent of the regency era, but I just love it. I also made the curtain pelmet from some scraps of skirting board and the curtains were made from some lovely striped silk that I …

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