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Making a Start

Regency Gentleman's Bedroom
One of the problems I come across many times, is when I want to start a project and I don't have all the necessary items to hand, or I'm too impatient to wait for them to be delivered. This was the case when I was looking for a fireplace for my gentleman's bedroom. Everything I looked for online was either not quite right or too costly. I was going to settle on a cheap one from ebay, when I woke-up and inspiration struck me and I created the fireplace you see below from various scrap pieces of wood. I added some metal filigrees for decoration and then painted it.

I made a chimney breast and a brick back insert using some corrugated card as it was easy to bend to shape. I remembered that I still had some brick slips I'd bought several years ago and I just had enough to tile the insert. I really like using brick slips wherever I can as they give any mini project a realistic look.

Another Mini Make
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