Saturday, 26 April 2014

Some of my dolls houses

As promised here are some photos of my previous projects, still not quite finished yet, but I'm getting there.

A Little Shabby House, made with two room boxes and a roof made by me. I still have lots to do on both the inside and outside. 

The bedroom. 

I made the bed, dressing table, side table and the accessories.

The funny grey and white item, is my first attempt at needle felting and it is suppose to be a cat. 

A close-up of the bed I made. The bed cover was from a linen blouse I found at a charity shop and the embroidery was so beautiful I just had to show it off. 

 I feel awful that I can tell you who made this beautiful tiny doll, I bought her from Miniatura last year. She was just so adorable I had to have her. If anyone can help with the maker, I would love to know.

Flowers I made and a beautiful cranberry vase from

The Kitchen

This still needs a lot of work.

I sorry my camera skills are not great, but I hope to improve on them and try to take better pictures of my miniatures.

My little shabby house still needs lots of attention, before I'm really happy with it. However I have lots of projects on the go and I keep switching from one to the other. I really need to focus on one project at a time, but sometimes I get sidetracked and work on different things for the different houses I am working on. 

My Farmhouse

One of the bedrooms.

Two of the occupants, Morag and Bert. These wonderful dolls are made by Teresa Thompson from I love her dolls, they are so detailed and just add another element to any dolls house. 

The mother in-law inspecting her very sparse room. I need to focus on this a bit more to keep in her good books.

My two beloved cats.

Mitzy, in my fruit bowl.

AKA Miss Mitzy, Mitzy Moo or Mitz depending on her mood and mine.

Fluffy, the baby of the family. She can do no wrong.

Look at that face, would you tell her off for being a bully?

Until the next time

Take care

Jayne x

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Getting there, nearly.

I was just getting my head around the 'blogging' thing and thought it was about time I actually posted some pictures of my dolls house projects, and then I could find my camera lead to upload my pictures. So I  guess you will have to wait a little bit longer to see what I have been up to.

Parisian Rooftops

At the moment I'm into all things French, so much so that I have decided to book a holiday to tour Paris and the surrounding areas next year. Living in England it isn't that far to go, however with my limited budget holidays are not always on my agenda. That is why I have decided to book up early so that I will have long enough to save for my dream trip. I had one of those 'if I don't do it now, I never will' kind of moments.

The Louvre Paris

One of my must go to places in Paris

As I can't show you any photo's of what I have been making (as once again I have tidied-up and 'lost' my camera lead) here is a photo of the dolls house that I'm in the process of adapting for my French inspired mansion.

I am making a lot of changes to the dolls house, as you will see. My mother gave me the house and it was on offer with the Daily Mail, she had to save a lot of tokens for it. I wasn't particularly taken with the house and I had started to decorate it in an Edwardian style, but I soon lost interest and I dismantled it for a long time. However I have a renewed energy for it and lots of different ideas. I also want to complete it to show my mother how much I appreciated her efforts to get it for me.

I promise to publish pictures of my progress.

I treated myself to this fabulous book by Christine-Lea Frisoni last year and even though it is written in French, the pictures are so wonderful and so inspiring. She has so many tutorials in the book and it's so easy to follow them with a bit of know-how and Google translator.