Kitchen dilemmas

Where to start

Now that I have finished all of the DIY and decorating of my Regency kitchen comes the hard part of adding the finishing touches. I haven't decided yet if I want to put a doorway on the right-hand side to lead into the scullery/pantry area that I intend to add later. If I do add a door (and there is a good chance that I will) I will move the long table on the right into the other room.

I decided to paint the dresser rather than varnish it, as I didn't want it to match the other furniture. I'm not quite sure if it is in keeping with the Regency era, however I like the differing contrast of the furniture.


I have added some more items around the range that I bought from Sussex Crafts. After I took this photo I realised that the Andirons should be the other way around. The family are expecting a real feast, hence the rather large pig roast. This was my attempt which I made out of polymer clay, its no masterpiece by any exception but I quite like it and it will do until I find a better replacement.

I have already got my mind set on my next Regency room and that will be a bedroom. A ladies bedroom to be exact. I thought it was time to create an elegant and feminine room after working on my gentleman's library and the kitchen for so long. 

My mind is full of ideas for the bedroom, I just need to stay focused on my kitchen for a little bit longer and add all the kitchenware that a Regency household requires.

Until the next time

Take care

Jayne c 

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