Regency Kitchen Update

I have finally made some progress on my Regency Kitchen, so I thought I would show you what I've been up since my last post.

I made the fire surround from wood planks and thick mat-board, and I created a center column from some scrap wood. I used a brick stencil and paste from Bromley Craft Products, as it is a lovely product to use and it looks so effective. I will buy a 'dummy' bread oven door from Sussex Crafts when I attend Miniatura in March, to put on the center column. You can't really see very well in the photo, but I used some foam board for the back walls and I scored tiny bricks into it with a ball ended stylus and then painted them red. I also put in the small window (slightly open) for added realism. 

Once I had painted all the walls I then laid the flooring. I used real sandstone flagstones which did cost me quite a lot, but I feel they were well worth the money. Cutting the tiles was very difficult as I was only using a Stanley knife. My fingers were very achy afterwards.

I really liked the initial look of the flagstones and I was going to leave them as they were, but as I had some grout mixture from many years ago, I decided to grout between the cracks. You can see from the photos below how much of a difference the grout made. I was glad that I took the time to grout the floor as it looks so much better.

I made the fire on the left hand side from two metal mint tins I got from Aldi and super-glued a fire grate from Sussex Crafts between them. I added a brass tap to resemble a water boiler and two small drain covers, also from Sussex Crafts, on the top for pot burners. I then sprayed it all with black paint. I just need to buy a light-up log fire for the grate. I have already bought a smoke jack spit and a chimney crane, I just need to add them later.

On the right hand side I have bought a low stove from Hearth and Home. It is really well made and the service I received from Dick and Jane was excellent.

I also made this sink unit to go under the window. I painted the inside in a grey paint to look like it was lead lined, as it would have traditionally been in the Georgian/ Regency era.

I then made a water unit above the sink as there wouldn't have been any running water. I bought the lovely delph tiles from Romney Miniatures for 45p  each, which I think was a bargain.

Now that all the hard work has been done I just need to add the finishing touches. I will be collecting a few items I have ordered when I attend Miniatura in March, and I will also be on the look out for other items to display.

Until the next time

Take care

Jayne x

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