Regency Library Update

When I decided to create a miniature library I knew I would need a lot of books to fill the shelves but I didn't realise the time it would take me to make so many books. This week I knuckled down to finish them all and it took me a couple of days. Fortunately I have a dremel scroll saw, so it was really easy to cut the wood shapes I needed, but it was still a very time consuming process. I decided to group the same books together, rather than going for a random look and I'm very happy with the end result.  

Once the boring task had been done I was able to start putting in the furniture, of which I have very little at the moment. As I mentioned in an earlier post I want the room to be occupied by a retired navel officer, who still has a keen interest in all things nautical. There are some items on my wish list for this room, such as a globe and a ship in a glass cabinet. But they will have to wait awhile. The room still looks very bare at the moment, but I'm still working on a few things and I will add them as and when they are completed. All the hard work has finally been done and I will just add things as and when I see them. 

The candlesticks were a great buy off ebay, they are solid brass and really make a statement on the desk. I made the ink stand from some jewelry findings and metal beads.

I had these tiny shells for years and it's so nice to display them.

The desk chair was a very inexpensive whitewood design that I stained to match the desk and I reupholstered it with some lovely green silk fabric from The Silk Route it's the same fabric I will use to make the curtains out of for my library.

I made the mirror above the fireplace as a temporary measure, until I can buy the one I really want, but as it cost £45.00 it will have to go on the waiting list. The list of items I want just keeps getting longer and longer, and the cost just keeps going up and up. 

A Close-up of the inkwell and in the distance you can see the mahogany library steps that I bought as a kit. 

I hope you liked seeing what I've been up to lately and hopefully I will post some more updates sooner than my last entry. I already know what the next room in my Regency mansion is going to be, I just have to plan it out and then I will let you know.

Until the next time

Take care

Jayne x

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