Kits, kits and more kits

In my last post I showed you the three wooden kits that I bought from the Cancer Research Charity stand at the Autumn Miniatura show. I have now made them up and I thought I would show you the results.

The Lyre End Sewing Table

The first kit was a lyre end sewing box made from mahogany and I only paid £4.50 for it. Some of the pieces had already been sanded and made-up so I didn't have too much work to do, which was great. The style of the sewing box looked very similar to the Mini Mundus Biedermeier range except this one had a rectangular frame that slid in and out, rather than having a drawer front as seen on the one below. 

Mini Mundus Kit

The Kit only came with written instructions (I'm a visual person, and I like to look at pictures) and after reading through them several times, I realised the frame section was there to incorporate a fabric work bag. I had no idea how I was going to make a fabric work bag, or even how I would fix it to the frame. After much thought, I decided to make a box out of mat board and cover it with some left over blue wallpaper I had to hand. I then glued the box to the underside of the frame. I applied some bees wax to bring out the colour and that was that. 

I was really pleased with the end result and this sewing table will fit nicely into my Regency Parlor.

The Gentleman's Desk

This kit for a gentleman's desk was also a really good find, as I hadn't seen anything like it before. I paid £14.50 for it and it was made by Small Pleasures, Australia and sold by A & G Sledge Miniatures in the UK. I did a Google search on both companies, but I didn't find very much, only a couple of out-of-date ads for an Empire Sofa Kit and a Regency Carver Chair Kit from Small Pleasures. I'm assuming that they have both gone out of business. This is such a shame, as I really love both of these kits and I wish I could get my hands on them.

Sorry for the blurry image, it was the best I could find.

I so love the look of this Chair, with the scroll arms and turned legs.

Oh well, here is the Gentleman's desk made-up.


This is a really solid looking piece of furniture, I'm not sure how to date it, but I want to use it in my Regency Library. I now need to keep my eyes peeled for worthy chair to accompany it.

A McQueenie's Easel  

This was my third find at the Cancer Research stand and I only had about £10.00 and some change left. But I was more than happy to pay £7.50 for this beautiful McQueenie's mahogany easel. This was another kit that I believe has been discontinued, as I couldn't find it on their website.

I'm not sure how much you can see from the photos, but the easel has lovely bass details, with the hinge, chain and locking clamp.

This item has been earmarked for the attic of my French house for the time being, and under no circumstances with it ever have paint splashes on it.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my kits made-up as much as I enjoyed making them.

Until the next time

Take care

Jayne x

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