It's Miniatura Time Again

This past weekend it was the Miniatura show and no matter how many times I have been, I always get very excited as the day arrives. I usually spend weeks beforehand carefully making a word document list of all the things I want to buy and add little pictures for reference. Unfortunately I didn't have as much money to spend this time as a faulty shower a few weeks ago took away a large chunk of my funds. While I was very upset to have paid out to have my shower fixed, I was very grateful not to have time consuming baths each morning. I do hate it when real life things get in the way of my miniature life.

This visit to Miniatura was very different as my Mum wanted to come along as well. She was given a small dolls house a while ago and now she is keen to decorate it. It was really nice to spend the day with my Mum looking at all the exhibitors. She hasn't really caught the bug yet and was very frugal with her purchases, but I could tell that she was happy with what she had bought. 

My Mum is 75 years old and she has far more disposable income than I do, but she is very old school and is very careful with her money. I was quite wary of her questioning how much I was paying for my miniature treasures, but she was very good and didn't gasp too much.

I bought a petite point kit from Nicola Mascall. I already have the round pole kit, and I really liked this design. I have never used 40HPI silk gauze before, so I'm looking forward to working on this kit. 

I bought a chinoiserie grate and Georgian coals from Sue Cook for my Regency parlor. 

I bought a brandy glass and some sweet pie tins from The Little Dollhouse Company. I could have bought so much more from this stand, but I had to limit myself. I was informed by the seller that the pie tins can be filled with polymer clay and baked in the oven. I just need to see if I'm brave enough to try it.

I did really well at the Cancer Research Charity stand. I bought three wooden kits for a very good price.

I will use the desk in my Regency Library when I get around to making it, that is.

The kit above is a Mahogany Lyre End Work Table, that has been half started, and all I have to do it glue it together.

This kit is a lovely Mahogany Easel from Mcqueenies Miniatures and it has really nice brass fittings. It must be a discontinued kit as it isn't on their website anymore. 

I was really thrilled to buy all these kits and that I was supporting the Charity as well.


I bought two Cranberry Vases from Glasscraft. I didn't realise until I got them home that they are different heights. I love Phil Greyner's glassware so I wasn't disappointed. I am going to put these in my Regency Parlor on the tables either side of the fireplace, so I'm quite sure that the height difference won't be so noticeable.  

I bought a really cute loaf tin from TYA Kitchen. I was really looking forward to seeing this exhibitor and they didn't disappoint. I was just so regretful that I didn't have more money to spend, as I could have gone wild. I really hope that they will return for future shows.

All in all it was a great show, and I was pleased with my smaller hoard of goodies. I just need to start saving for next years show.

Until the next time

Take care

Jayne x

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