What, no Miniatures?

The Big Hoot- Birmingham

I haven't been neglecting my miniatures, but I just haven't got around to anything worthwhile to show you at the moment. What I did want to show you was some fantastic photos I took at the weekend while I was out and about in Birmingham. England.

The Big Hoot is actually an Art project that has resulted in 89 life sized painted owls that have been placed all around the Birmingham area, and the public can follow the trail of owls to many places of interest. The project is also working with Birmingham Children's Hospital, and once the event is over the owls will be auctioned off and all the money generated will be donated to the Children's hospital. So not only is it a great display of artistic talent, it is also for a worthy cause.

It was so great to see the few owls that I saw while I was out enjoying the sunshine and I have only photographed a fraction of them, but if you would like to read more about the project just follow the link http://thebighoot.co.uk/ 

Aren't they great. I love all of them but my favorite so far is this last one, the penguin owl, he's so cool.

I also just had to show you the two photos below. I have lived in the Birmingham area for nearly 50 years and I must have walked past this building many times during my visits to the city center and it was only on Saturday that I really noticed it and thought how beautiful it looks. It looks almost French in style and I thought how great would it be as a miniature grand house. I don't know what the building was built for or what it is used for now, but I think it is wonderful. I really believe my love of miniatures has really enhanced my observational skills, as I seem to look at everything in a new light.

I will post something relating to mini's very soon.

Until the next time.

Take care

Jayne x

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