Spring time feeling

I love Spring time, it gives me a renewed feeling of re-growth. The lighter evenings also give me more opportunities to work on my miniatures when I get home from work. I have been working on my Georgian Parlor, I don't have any photos yet as I have only been painting the walls and ceiling and making a fireplace section, so there isn't that much to see at the moment. I am taking my time on it as I usually steam ahead and then forget something vital, usually when I've glued something in place and then it dawns on me what I should of done beforehand.

In the meantime I wanted to show you what I bought from the Spring Miniatura show. I'm quite fortunate that I can get to the Birmingham NEC with only a 20 minute bus ride. I also have to say that while I bought a lot of things I was quite disappointed that there wasn't as many stands as in previous events. My comments were also remarked on by other visitors, who were discussing this while we were waiting for something to eat. I'm not sure if it is the high prices the sellers have to pay to sell at Miniatura, or if there is just a declining market for miniatures. 

A glass butter dish and cranberry bell from Glasscraft. A Jubilee Gold dinner plate and Sovereign Blue teacup and saucer from Stokesay Ware. A delicate flan dish from Nikki Nakki Nu.

A close-up of the flan dish

A mantel clock from Victoria Fasken

The two copper pots were a bargain, the seller only wanted £5.00 for them. 
They are Bodo Hennig 

I think this lovely tea casket is by Jacqueline Crosby. 
I'm afraid that I didn't take a note
 of the seller, in my haste to buy it. 
If I've got the artist name wrong then I sincerely apologise. The inlay is superb.

Two little cushions for my French Sofa

A lovely Regency bonnet 

I bought two of these wall lights from Heidi Ott 

A cake stand kit and a pair of Mini Mundus chairs to go with my Biedermeier 
table kit. I have just ordered some Mini Mundus stains so that I will be able to start making my kits up, instead of just looking at them.

 Beautiful Eleanor from Teresa Thompson of Costume Cavalcade. I just love her dolls and she has so many in the Regency era, that I have made myself a list of what to buy next.

I'm making slow progress in the bathroom of my French house. I have added a shower rail and curtains and I've made a bath rack and back brush.. Sorry the photos aren't very clear, I need to buy myself a new camera.

Until the next time

Take care

Jayne x

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