Reasons to celebrate

I was so thrilled today when I logged on to my blog to find that I have a follower at last. I was even more thrilled to find out that it was the wonderfully talented Giac. If you haven't seen his blog I suggest you check it out. Giac is such a talented miniaturist and he also shares his ideas and miniature work which I find so inspiring. He makes me realise that you don't always have to buy expensive items to make your miniature homes into works of art. However I do still have a long list of miniature items that I want (and will buy) for my dolls houses that I would never ever spend on real life items.

More renovations on my French House

Fluffy taking the limelight, again.

Since last time I decided to change the colour of the windows, they were the wrong colour blue for me. I repainted them and I think they blend in better now.

I have now added a front door, large upper bedroom window and attic window, all I need to do now is cut some glass to fit into the frames.

Here is a close-up of the front door, I'm going to add ivy just above the door to disguise where I had to add a piece of wood as it doesn't look very nice.

The inside of the door

Miniature keys

The Attic

I used ice lolly sticks for my attic floor and they look great. Once I had stained and waxed them, they really came up looking very authentic. My camera isn't very good and the photos don't really reflect how good they look, I promise.

Other things I have been making 

A pink cardigan

This was my first attempt at making a miniature knitted item and I really enjoyed making it. I was so impressed that I managed to keep the pattern looking somewhat uniform, especially as I lost five stitches along the way. 

It's not perfect, but for a first attempt I'm happy with it. I'm sure I will be making some more knitted items in the future, so watch this space.

A miniature rug

 This was my second attempt at making a petit point rug and I very happy with the results this time around. I found the free pattern on Pinterest and I'm so grateful to the person who provided the pattern for free as I think it is a lovely design. It was to me a very easy design to follow and the result is a very pretty and eye catching rug that will fit into my French home beautifully. 

Until the next time

Take care

Jayne x

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